WeSpeke is a technology company that develops disruptive language learning solutions to help learners achieve their personal and professional goals.

WeSpeke, located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, was founded in 2010 by Michael Elchik, an experienced technology entrepreneur, and Jaime Carbonell, Ph.D., Director of the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

WeSpeke has developed several unique solutions in the field of language learning.

Patented social network for language learning

The WeSpeke social network for language learning has been called the “polyglot Facebook”. It features a global community representing 230+ countries or territories and 200+ native languages. Registration is free and members chat with language partners using text, audio, and video on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The mobile apps are available in the iTunes Store and Google Play.

Patented matching technology

WeSpeke has developed patented algorithms that match users based upon complementary language interests and common life interests and other profile data. The matching technology facilitates a more effective language exchange and learning experience.

Patent-pending Natural Language Processing (NLP) software

WeSpeke has developed proprietary software based upon NLP and machine learning to create English lessons from text-based content including articles, podcasts, and videos. This disruptive technology enables online publishers, companies, and education providers to repurpose existing content to create English lessons for the 1.5 billion English learners around the globe, including professionals, employees and students. This expanded market opportunity leads to increased revenue, growth and engagement.

Proprietary language lesson template

WeSpeke has developed a powerful proprietary lesson template for online language lessons. The template enables an author to create level- and language-specific lessons built around objectives, content, media, activities, and assessments. Lessons are available within the WeSpeke Lesson Shop.

Proprietary Language Notebook

The WeSpeke Notebook enables learners to personalize their language-learning experience by self-curating Notes based upon vocabulary, grammar, and information obtained from partner text exchanges, a language lesson, or other sources. Learners can also annotate their Notes and insert any content from the Notebook into text messages.

Meet our Management Team

Mike Elchik

Founder & CEO
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Bob Pawlowski

Chief Technology Officer
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Cathy Wilson

VP Marketing
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Meet our Advisors

Jaime Carbonell, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Advisor

Alan Juffs, Ph.D.

Technical Advisor, Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition Pedagogy

Sean Ammirati

Technical Advisor, Technology and Innovation

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  • I'm from Vietnam, where the native language is Vietnamese. I have used WeSpeke for two months. At first it was to practice English, improve and maintain my level, or to learn other languages. Now, I also find it useful in finding/making friends and stay connected with them. Your site is amazing…WeSpeke User
  • WeSpeke is, at the moment, the best of these sites, which uses the magic of the Internet and the web camera for chatting with people who speak fluently the language you are trying to learn.Navigaweb
  • What differentiates [WeSpeke] from other such websites is the fact that it allows for actual real time practice with native speakers of the learner’s target language…Learn That Language Now
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