“Remember that you are a guest in every land. For one who treats a host with respect will be treated as an honored guest.”

A trip abroad is an exciting opportunity to broaden your cultural awareness by chatting with people who have a different life experience based upon their country, culture, language, and ethnicity. Why not use WeSpeke as a tool to connect with people who live where you are going to learn a bit about the destination, culture, customs, and language before you leave home? Then continue the conversation with locals once you arrive! These interactions just might be the most memorable part of your trip.

Join WeSpeke (it’s FREE) and connect with members of our community who live where you are going. Here are some tips for getting the most out of WeSpeke.

Once you find WeSpeke partners, here are some questions that you might ask.

Destination Questions

These questions may help make your experience more authentic, rewarding, and safer. Be sure save any insights or information to your WeSpeke Notebook.

  1. What are some places I should visit or things I should do during my stay there?
  2. What are some foods or drinks I should try? What is your favorite dish or meal?
  3. What should I not do? What places to avoid? What advice can you give me as a first time visitor?
  4. What are the top challenges, issues, or concerns impacting your community?
  5. What do people in your country think about visitors from my country? I won’t be offended by what you say.
  6. Tell me what you are most proud of about your country or culture.

Language Basics

It is always best to know some language before you arrive. The best way to learn some language is to have a video chat on WeSpeke. Ask your partner to teach you these words, expressions, or questions. You might ask if there are any local expressions that might be helpful! And remember: you don’t have to be perfect; just making an effort to communicate in the target language is appreciated.

Be sure to save what you learn in your WeSpeke Notebook!

  1. Hello
  2. Good-bye
  3. Please
  4. Thank you
  5. How do I say ___?
  6. I'm sorry but I don't understand
  7. Please repeat.
  8. Slower, please.
  9. Excuse me. I have a problem. Can you help me?
  10. Where is___?
  11. I would like...
  12. Bathroom

Have a wonderful trip! And let us know if WeSpeke made a difference.

Interested in more help with “culture shock”? Read our blog post “How to Ace Your Cultural Transition”.

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