Get a GREAT score on the TOEFL iBT®, IELTS and other English tests

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Here's how WeSpeke can prepare you for English tests.

Improve reading scores

• Twenty-four (24) reading lessons

• Levels B1 and B2

Based upon tested academic topics

• Review key reading skills

Expand vocabulary

• Twenty-four (24) vocabulary lessons

* Levels B1 and B2

• Based upon tested academic topics

• Teach and practice high frequency vocabulary

Practice speaking

• Forty-eight (48) speaking sections

• Based on reading and vocabulary lessons

• Speak with a variety of partners

• Practice using text, audio, and video

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Why WeSpeke English Test Prep Lessons?

  1. Based upon tested Academic Topics:
    • Business
    • Culture & Community
    • Education
    • Environment
    • Film and Movies
    • Government and Law
    • Health and Fitness
    • Literature
    • Media and Communications
    • Music and Art
    • Psychology
    • Science
    • Technology
  2. High quality and effective: written by TOEFL-trained experts
  3. 30-minutes in length with interactive exercises, audio, and visuals

Download the complete WeSpeke ELT Preparation Scope and Sequence including topics, levels, vocabulary and skills.

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  • WeSpeke - the polyglot Facebook - “intelligently combines a social network with language learning”
  • I'm from Vietnam, where the native language is Vietnamese. I have used WeSpeke for two months. At first it was to practice English, improve and maintain my level, or to learn other languages. Now, I also find it useful in finding/making friends and stay connected with them. Your site is amazing…WeSpeke User
  • WeSpeke is, at the moment, the best of these sites, which uses the magic of the Internet and the web camera for chatting with people who speak fluently the language you are trying to learn.Navigaweb
  • What differentiates [WeSpeke] from other such websites is the fact that it allows for actual real time practice with native speakers of the learner’s target language…Learn That Language Now
  • Imagine a mashup between Skype and WordReference and you are thinking of WeSpeke.TM International

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